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TCC is specialized in cleaning business equipment – trucks, trailers, vans, etc., on the outside and the inside so that you can get back on the road in a clean vehicle as quickly as possible.

Picking up business equipment within a 5 km radius is also possible. We have our own tractor unit with which we can pick up trailers and then drop them off after they have been cleaned.

Vehicles can also be picked up in this same way from the company premises; they will be cleaned inside and out and brought back so that your employees have a clean vehicle available to them in the evening.

If you are selling your vehicle and wish to deliver it cleaned, we can help.

If your drivers are on leave, will be home for a longer time, or are leaving the firm and you would like to pass the vehicle on to a different driver then we can help you deliver a clean vehicle.

If you are renting a camper or caravan or would like to have your own vehicle cleaned, we can help.

Buying cleaning products from us is also possible, we will keep you up to date on our Facebook page.



After arriving the driver has nothing left to do, he or she can enjoy a free coffee or hot chocolate in our waiting room.

First, all dirt will be removed with a pressure washer and then your vehicle will be washed with foaming shampoo. Places that are hard to reach for the machine, such as rims, under the sun visor, cab steps, etc. will be cleaned by hand.

. After this the vehicle will be washed with the brush machine, while workers again clean the hard to reach places by hand.


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Contact Details

Traktaatweg 23
9000 Gent

GSM +32 (0)475 74 82 38

Tel +32 (0)9 259 81 93


! New opening hours ! 

  • mon and tue: by appointment
  • wed – fri: 7:00 – 19:00 ( continuously open)
  • sat: 8:00 –13:00

Closed on sundays and holidays


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